Our tournament is a Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 on a PlayStation 4 console and our prize pool is the largest ever

10,000 USD

Tournament details

          Each gamer should pay a subscription fee of 30 Jordanian Dinars for one time

          Admission tickets for the tournament are 10 Jordanian Dinars.

          Registered gamers need not to pay admission fees

          Registration for the tournament is online through as well as admission tickets purchase.

          Gamers can also register at one of our advertised partners or distributors before the registration deadline, unless the organizing committee decides otherwise.

          Registration fee is 30 Jordanian Dinars until 19th October.

          Registration fee is 40 Jordanian Dinars from  20th October until cutoff.

          Registration cutoff is 3rd November.

          Each gamer can register more than once in the tournament, but he/she only qualifies once to the finals.

          In case any given gamer register more than once, it’s his/her responsibility if he/she had more than one game scheduled at the same time and Champion Gamer holds no responsibility unless the organizing committee decides otherwise.

          All registered gamers will be sent confirmations through emails and SMS.

          Registration confirmation will include order number that will be used as a Gamer ID to check in the tournament.

          Registered Gamers will receive their group number, date and time that they will play at via email and SMS 3 days before the tournament launch to ensure accuracy in attendance.

          Total number of participants will be randomly divided to groups of 32 players.

          Every group will play off against each other and the winner of every group will be qualified to the main final event.

          The final group will consist of the champions of all the groups that will playoff together to determine the winner, and all the final group (32 gamers) will be winners of the Prize Pool.

Rules and Regulations

        Games will be played on PlayStation 4 console and the game is Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PES 2016)

          Game settings will be set by the organizing committee in order to assure fairness in all games.

          Gamers are not allowed to use programming cards.

          Gamers are not allowed to use private controllers, and has the right to replace the controller if proven that it’s broken by the organizing committee which will also be responsible for providing a properly working controller.

          Gamers can choose their team from international leagues and clubs only. Gamers should be called their chosen team before the start of the game. Gamers are eligible to choose another team if they qualify for the next round.

          Gamers has the right to adjusts their plan twice in every game only, once at the beginning of the match and again at half-time. Gamers are entitled to re-tune in the event of the expulsion of a player of his team.

          Gamers are entitled for two minutes at the beginning of every game for the adjustment of the plan and the players, one minute at half-time and one-minute maximum to re-tune in the event of the expulsion of one of his/her players.

          Gamers who will cause delays during the tuning process for more than the allocated time will be warned once and if it continues the organizing committee holds the right to end the game and consider the delayed gamer a forfeiter.

          All games duration is 10 minutes.

          Gamers are not allowed to talk to each other or to the public attendees during the game.

          Goal replays are not allowed. All replays must be skipped.

          In Case any gamer show misconduct or provocative behavior towards his or any of the organizers, that gamer will be excluded from the tournament.

          Gamers has the right to adjust and change the players for free kicks or switch players during the match when the ball goes off the pitch if it doesn’t lead to any delays to the other participant.

          Game speed +1

          Mobile phones are absolutely prohibited during play.

          If the game was stopped in the middle of the match, gamers get to play again for the time remaining and the same score exactly as it was before the stoppage.

          In case of a draw at the end of original game time gamers will resort to extra-time.

               In case of a draw at the end of extra-time gamers will resort to penalties.




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